A-shobha-niy- DE 

Once upon a time an idiot was tweeting shits  when her room A.C. was set on around 24℃ , steams were hovering over hot coffeee which was kept on table, and she thought sipping coffee and resting her back on chear, after that fresh shit tweet on a hardworking athletes, 'i will be in news... Continue Reading →


Come-On अप्पा…❕❕ 🎓

  'अप्पा, please !!!' जगातील एक सगळ्यात भोळा चेहरा डोळ्यांत थोडे पाणी, तो रडत होता म्हणून त्याच्या डोळ्यात पाणी नव्हते  तर तो कांद्याच्या शेड मध्ये उभा होता म्हणून, त्याचा वडलाकडे विनंती करत होता. 'नाही, एकदा नाही म्हणल ना..!!' अप्पा पेपर वर शेवटची नजर टाकत म्हणले. 'Please, मी तुम्हाला Facebook शिकवतो.' तो रडत म्हणला,डोळ्यात पाणी आणण्यासाठी... Continue Reading →

When Romeo met Einstein.

Once upon a time in Pune. The Einstein met Romeo. Here Einstein means an engineering college topper while Romeo defines an ordinary graduate engineer, an engineer who pissed off being something he never wanted to be, an engineer who indeed doesn’t know why and how he became an engineer. (80% population, Majority)  ROMEO was one who took admission... Continue Reading →

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