When Romeo met Einstein.

Once upon a time in Pune. The Einstein met Romeo.

Here Einstein means an engineering college topper while Romeo defines an ordinary graduate engineer, an engineer who pissed off being something he never wanted to be, an engineer who indeed doesn’t know why and how he became an engineer. (80% population, Majority)  ROMEO was one who took admission just for log kya kahege. ROMEO was one who got 50% in 12th though took admission for engineering. Today they all are unemployed and frustrated.

Place: At tea stall.

‘One cutting.’ He gestured tea stall owner. Managing his Bell shaped hair; it was partially white and was giving him an old man look. He had leaned on a chair. Reading ‘self service’ board on the water drum he went to stall to get a tea.

‘Mc…!’ He exclaimed as he suffered to burn. (MC is the most used word in engineering communities after BC, only virat can beat us.)
‘What…?’ Tea seller exclaimed, looking furiously at him. ‘No. I mean E=MC2.’ He pretended calculating something.
‘Don’t you look like Einstein?’ Tea seller pointed finger at him.
‘Ya yes, I do…!’ He replied, sipping tea.
‘OMG..!! What a day. Sir Can I take a selfie?’ Tea seller said in excitement taking his mobile out of the pocket.

‘No, not today. I have been here since age and couldn’t you recognize me?’ Einstein said him. No, I couldn’t. Where have you been by now?’ Tea seller asked him.

‘Studying ENGINEERING in bla bla college of engineering. It was a private institute dude.’ Einstein said, slapping his back.

‘Are you kidding with me? Why you suddenly had to study engineering. Despite you are genius, God and a boss of physics.’ Tea seller asked him.

‘Exactly..!! But our Indian parents, I tried to tell them I’m Einstein, look I can do better than engineering, but they didn’t hear me, and pushed me in engineering. If you are good at math and physics then it’s mandatory to become engineer in India.’ He said sadly.
‘Hmm.. Same here.’ Tea seller agreed with Einstein.
‘But why you have worn this kind of clothes. Don’t you feel hot? It does seem like you are a Bandwala. Why this red clothes?’ Einstein asked him. Tea seller had worn a red suite same like band wale used to wear.
‘I’m not bandwala. I’m an engineer too, and this red suite is because I’m a Romeo, haven’t you read Shakespeare yet.’ He said glancing him head to toe.

‘OMG! Romeo!! So where is Juliet?’ Einstein asked in excitement.

‘Forget it. Because of her, I’m selling tea now. She left me, because I haven’t got a job yet.’ Romeo was on verge of cry.

‘oh, sorry.’ Einstein started waiving hand fan as it was hot. ‘What is in your hand?’ Romeo asked Einstein.
‘It’s a file, it has a CV and all useless mark sheets .’ ’Einstein replied.’

Means you too haven’t got placed yet, college campus interview? lol.’ Romeo laughed.

‘Ya I haven’t yet, but I got a call from MARKETING and EXECUTIVE sell. They should have done a favor on me. Look I’m a topper and more professionally I’m an Einstein. But they don’t have to anything with it. OK good marketing…!’ Now Einstein went in depression.
‘OK agree you are an Einstein but what about me? I’m a Romeo. People are fond to take my swear of me to save their love. I’m a legend in love stories. I was not supposed to do engineering then why institute gave me admission despite I had poor CET scores just for some money. Look, somehow I cleared my engineering but now neither I have any technical knowledge not have a good communication skills at least I could do job in marketing.’ He burnt gas to see, two other customers with their respective girlfriend were coming. (And of course they were not engineer.)
He looked at Einstein.


(Here i used great personality like Einstein and  a fictional character romeo just for making story interesting, If you are an engineer who just graduated from any private college then you can relate with this story. we have spent lacks of rupee, four year of young hood and etc etc, we have sacrificed many things to become an engineer but today are roaming like dog to seek job. being an engineer was our dream but they education system made fun of us, here we could find lots of reason behind ‘why we are seeing this days? who is responsible for this, education system? our chalata hai attitude or our ignorant sociaty?

let me know what you feel, feel free to express yourself, comment below.’)

Untitled… First page.

Warning:: This is not love hate story.

This is a story of…..

Aarav who loves Shreya

Shreya who loves herself and family…

Rudra and vid who never being loved by society and they faced off with education system….

And chasmiss topper kritika… Respected by society, loved by teacher and Reserved for Mr. Right. .

U probably thinking it was a love story. Where a boy fallen for a girl. A girl with pretty face, magical eyes, brown and silky hair and a super sweet honey lips. No I am not admiring her OK Now I’m adding, she was one in billion. Actually she wasn’t. it’s not me speaking it’s a Romeo who is madly love with that girl. Like every mother on earth think my child is too dam good, handsome and a sanskari fellow.  So I’m feeling same for my girl, she was dam beautiful and pretty like angle in heaven and divas in miss universe. Don’t stop reading and one should say why you are telling about her. But my all dear it does matter. If I were a judge of this universe I would wear her crown and the next moment without losing chance I would bends on my knees and propose her…….

Will you marry me….?

What a romantic scene it would have been…!!!

But I couldn’t… Actually I could have been but somewhere in life when all world start knowing you an innocent being and then God gifted you a bunch of idiot friend. And your life starts rotating anticlockwise and meanwhile in your serious cum funny life you got a call from the same girl in a morning when u were just about to have a tea. “Is it aarav...?”  She asked me in an angry tone. Now someone might think the conversation was drastically romantic but no, no it wasn’t… For a first time in life I had been abused by girl the same girl I used to love…!!!

And I totally got depressed after hang the phone up. My heart, brain, liver and all respective part of body had broken. I would have broke my phone and that was only thing which remain to break, then I had received another call “is it AARAV…?” The person with heavy voice spoke behind call. “Yes… I am…?” I replied. “I’m going to support you politically for your friends agitation against university…” He confessed.

This was beganing….

Now… Vid  ran to me and through his phone on my face, the phone was quite expensive and I always wanted to buy it but after being hurting by his metal body phone I changed my thought, and cried  “Rudra  Took poison and now He is in ICU…..”

No sooner had my heart felt 8 rectal scale tremors then another 9 scale tremors shacked my heart as well brain. My world has been collapsed in a day.

 I stood numb. I could clearly recall what had kritika said me. she predicted our future.

Tears rolled out over  my Chick’s and brain start recalling all moments…….
my brain went about 4 years back

We went…

We cried…

We loved…

But never got being loved.


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I am an Engineer

When i was child , i had a fear of some people and thing’s .whenever i would have to face them my blood pressure and heartbeats were increased.

NO NO …!!!! you were wrong  (means some people might think ” was the person your CRUSH ..?? ” sorry ,you were wrong Romeos..!!! ) it might be funny but they were nothing but a Barber , a Doctor and some my own people .

why barber ..?? The reason was “whenever my father brought me to barber for making hair my face was almost red and eyes were wet. Yes i used to cry at that moment. You should have seen my face then. 

Second was doctor, i used to hate them bcz first they hypnotized in their sweet words, second they had an injection.(we all are known with it , it was scary ) and third his writing. Means how could such educated fellow write like this. it was worst handwriting ever i seen and last “have you ever wondered who was the greatest villain in our lives..??” RELATIVE’S, typical Indian relatives.

Like bad Taliban and good Taliban ( i dnt think they are good but Pakistani does ) we have also bad relatives and good relatives . Good is one who have been brought sweets for us and bad is one who have been brought lots of question for us. the most famous and often asked question was …. WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO BECOME.??? and often they have gave an option for us, like DOCTOR(“oh no,dnt think abt that” my reaction) , TEACHER (“they used to beat me, sometime i also hate them”) OK so an engineer  (“???”) oh oh .. what was the last one??? can you repeat this , uncle..?? “ENGINEER” means sound good and interesting. light had bulb in my brain and heart seemed happy never like before. I had got my dream, I would be an engineer bt I had an question “what is the procedure of being an engineer …???”


It was my childhood when i came to know the word engineer. It was my first step to being an engineer. I had been grown up with the dream i would be an engineer . My little eyes had a dream . It was beginning of 21st century. Something was went to wrong with my nation. riots, religion violence and dirty politics . It were happened in my nation. And we also had been grown up with it. But also there were few things that used to entertain India and keep happy. BOLLYWOOD,DD NAT and CRICKET.From some bollywood movies i came to know u will have a car, a banglow and a wife (beautiful wife) if u become an engineer. That time i was not mature enough to think about girl and i was so shy guy so i didn’t think there were any chances to date a girl because my shy nature didn’t allow me to do this. So i thought it would easy to be an engineer rather than date a girl and then marry with her. If i become engineer then my good relatives will bring a beautiful wife for me. It was ridiculous bt that was an another reason why i had kept a dream of being an engineer. that were very ridiculous reasons .


“Today im studding in last year of engineering . yes my dream of being an engineer is about to accomplish but ….my heart asked me an question,  was the dream yours ..???