90..!! 100..! or sometime 120…!! it was his heart beats per minute when he saw her. Mouth opened, freezed tongue, Hands didn’t co-operate with him, right hand wanted to roam over hair while left got busy to adjust the shirt, eyes were scanning her with bad intention, the uncomfortable and bad he was! 
His heart said ‘she is mine’; the brain said ‘forget love, just grab her.’ But the soul said ‘hey, look at yourself, you can never win her. you bloody lusty unconfident guy.’ While that guy was busy to scan her, she smiled at someone. Her pink blush seemed like it was a reaction to a magic. That guy averted, and ya it was a magical person there. THE CARING CONFIDENT GUY WAS THERE. 

‘ohh… again. I hate you, confident guy.’ the unconfident one said. Yes, the unconfident guy just can’t win a girl with a shaky tongue, lusty eyes, bad intention and the haggard face. Girl knows who is good for her and who is bad one. 

The pretty girl, voters. The confident guy, modi. The unconfident guy, oppositions. 

Seeing modi’s massive victory, it’s now obvious that modi is that magic (like that dream person) who is wining hearts. In other side, we have opposition, they seem very unsecure. Whenever I heard some crying opposition, I picturised the sour grapes and the fox story.  

The above was a fantasy. But we can link this fantasy to the current situation of Indian politics. That unconfident one did his best to impress her. Pretended to be honest servant, a caring lover but she kicked them out. 

Now seeing current trends of results, anyone can think, what is really happen to voters? Why? How? What? And many questions. Demonetisation, intolerance, hindu-muslim love hate and many more subjects were there to defeat BJP and modi though he won!!  

Now again, what is trust? What is love?  It’s not easy to explain, I know. But have you ever been in love with someone? How does it feel? Very pleasant. No matter whether you feel angry on him/her, no matter how many times s/he has broken your heart, we get back to them, that’s the magic of love and trust. (I am not psephologist, I am a learner of a story telling about romance and humour, so managing writing about this issue by my level.) the same principle worked about modi and voters.

IMG 1:: Its how saffron is spreading over india.

The way he talks, the way he walks:

it’s a lonely factor. Modi. Voters have fallen for him. Doesn’t matter whether he is making promises happen or not, his personality making everything possible for him. He is doing that things young generation wants. He talks like a boss but doesn’t he do action as well? He does. And for us, voters, “well done seems good than well said.” 

IMG 2:: Mulaym sing yadav’s younger bahu with modi. Is she becoming bhakt too?

Conversation: A bridge to connect hearts. 

A conversation can do a magic. It can join hearts or break them. When some parties are busy to do social engineering about cast and religion, he is listening to and connecting with every population not just across india but across world by social media and his thought and solution sharing program man ki bat. 

3 guys. 1 aunt.

Certainly, 1st guy is Rahul Gandhi who is clearing road for bjp. 2nd is no other than AK and third some media persons. The way they are using their non-sense to divert voters towards them, modi is becoming more powerful and its feel he makes sense than them (sometime he doesn’t, but can you imagine raga is ruling india? no so you don’t have any option, vote for modi )  

IMG 3:: How you should not give a look to someone you like most? 👆👆 

That aunt was nothing but a media, who has damn crush on modi. Morning to evening, they show us only modi. They are the one made the modi brand powerful. Indian media is not as mature compare to international media. Modi eats, they show. Modi seats, they show. Modi laughs, they laugh. Modi cries they too cry. What a love!!!