“Dear Aunt and uncle; listen to young India.”

The gulab jamun had just landed on her tongue but one could sense that her face wasn’t appreciating the delicious taste of it. She swallowed the whole round jamun saying ‘get married?’ As her parents had served the very lip licking subject in the middle of the dinner, ‘you are 25; you should get married.’ Her heartbeats had stopped for while (don’t think of it, it can’t happen.) listening to the word marriage.

‘But I want to be an entrepreneur.’ She said stressing her eyes to her parents and brother.

‘To thik hai na, shadi ke bad kar lena wo kya anter-funter  wala course. Aise bhi is tere chote bhai ka bhi shouk bhi pura hoga.’

‘shouk?’ he got shocked.

‘photography ka.’

‘I’m a cinematographer. It’s my profession, daddd!’ the last two extra ‘d’ told all story. He left the dinner.

‘I think he didn’t like a curry.’ Father said.

‘I don’t think.’ Mother said.

It’s a common story of every Indian parent and their ward. As being a 22-year-old Indian, I know in what situation we 20 to 25 yr old (for our parents), formerly young Indian, have been through.  We all have a well-polished degree in hand but though we are not succeeding to get our own bank account credited. The frustration of our parents can also be understood as we are heading towards the marriage deadline. The first digit of your age should be ‘2’ to get a perfect, well-functioned partner. The ‘3’ can disturb your graha in kundali.

But for this generation; is a success all about having a well-paid job and that well settled boxed life? About girl, does success measure by how her husband is rich? Doesn’t she want to build an empire by her own hardship?

Yet, have we stuck in the age where men supposed to do the job and women are supposed to do housework? Certainly not. When we see, there are more successful women than men. But for parents, the well-known Marathi proverb applies, ‘Shivaji janmava pun shejarchya gharat.’ (means Shivaji, the great king, ought to be born but in neighbor’s house.)

Yes, we all want a change maker, an influencer. But we don’t want them to in our house.

We want young Indian to take the risk to form new India, but he/she should be not our own child.

Despite being a massive unemployment, the frustration, our youth are more creative, more problem solver and more go-getter than they ever were.

For parents, the worry is natural. no parent wants you to see unhappy and unsuccessful. They are right from their own perspective, they share their own experience and suggest us to not to repeat the mistakes they had committed.

But the good news is; we are not committing mistakes. We are pouring solid concrete in the new India’s base. Our goals are changing.


  • Getting married before 30, having two kids and do what you really don’t want to do for a lifetime, this is something we are unlikely to do.


  • Money isn’t remaining our attraction anymore. We are breaking barrage and finding, and If have found, then getting busy in things that make us happy, that make us healthy, that make this society more free and liveable.


  • We believe in finding solutions via entrepreneurship rather being a part of problems. We believe in helping each other, moving forward together, work together and vanish all problems India has. 

          “Go after dream, not people.”  Sir A.P.J. abdul kalam.

  • Girls in jeans are rocking the male dominated world. And if you think they are uncultured then I pity your thinking. It’s our mistake that we got late to push them forward otherwise India would have been superpower still now. Yes, they are open-minded, more sophisticated and too smart to handle. They are an all-rounder, leading young India, and preserving our own great culture as well. It’s time to rethink, do we really want to put our girls, talented and visionary, in a kitchen?  Won’t it be a wastage of talent our nation gets?                                



Our dreams and our achievement will be meaningless unless you don’t support us. We have energy, you have life experience. We are trying to giving a life to you and off course to our next generation that we never had. Yes, together, we can. Just one command, ‘go live the life fullest.’

Jay hind.

Into her wet eyes…!!! (Has India become the rape capital of the world?- part 1)

Incident one: An afternoon of 4 June 2014 at Pune, I was heading toward my home by ST bus.

newasa, one full.’ I smiled at bus conductor.

‘Not possible.’ He looked at me, leaning on a backseat and exchanged the smile.

‘ohh, that just newasa phata.’ I said realizing my mistake.

‘got it, but the bus will have a halt for a 30 min on a way.’ He torn up a ticket which was coming out of the machine. He was so courteous, I was experiencing such kind of encounter with a bus conductor, first time ever.

I nodded. Being awkward. Suddenly I moved forward and my head met with the metal rod, it wasn’t new thing, bus driver had slapped the break. I had lost something in a that sudden shock, that was my pen which was gone under a seat, just right to me. i looked up, there were 2-3 men gazing me, standing between my and the seat, under which my pen was surrendered.

It was a couple seating there, gathering all of my courage I excused them over my lost pen. A boy, 25-year-old and very well dressed, helped me but that girl wasn’t seemed comfortable with all the things happening around. perhaps, she wasn’t used with those standing men.

I had a little pain in my head but that couldn’t stop me to play a roll of a typical Indian neighborhood, my ears were on the girl and the boy’s discussion. As the bus was shifting to top gear , their conversation moved forward. He was smiling throughout conversation; she was ignoring him. ‘leave them‘ i muttered and was about to plug in headphone into my phone then,

‘phattt..!!’ that guy was being slapped very hard by her. I saw him and then her. Terrible accident, I was witnessed. standing up i saw her eyes, she was crying. 

Incident Two:

A night of 6 Jan 17 at natepute, district pune handing over a cup of tea to my father I was curiously gazing a half aged woman. It was a cacophony of a horn that made my eyes frieze on her. She was coming in a way of the bus and a driver was continuously honking to that woman. She was seemed very scattered and her terrible eyes was telling everything about her. She was completely lost. Like a ship lost her way in the middle of the ocean.

A conductor stepped up toward her, thinking she needs a help.

‘magh ho,  r##@$.’ She outraged in a Marathi, running away from him. We were at bus stand, surrounding with hardly 7 people. Going to the pandharpur, we had stopped middle in the way because of being misinformed about route.

Stepping every foot very desperately on platform she was coming to us, got in her eyes for a second, and witnessed, into what she had been through. I felt she might be a prisoner who has escaped or she was mentally disturbed. She cut us and went in a dark corner, behind us. While the bus stand was troubling hard to make his own identity in a very deem light.

‘bai kya chahiye.’ (oh woman, what do you want?) a tea seller, should be 30-year-old, who was serving us tea screamed on her. She shook her head. Her teeth were making noise, a general reaction to a cold.

‘chaha lagata hai kya?’  (do you need a tea?) he, the tea seller, gave a disgusted smile to her. His tone of language was pointing towards his less education. He stepped forward and gave her a cup of tea. When everything was seemed fine, then she screamed very loud. That screaming made every one of us avert to her. It was a dark but all we saw, a tea seller with a spoiled shirt and a red face. She had thrown a tea on his face, not even tea but also she had kicked the thermos out of the platform.

Now what was happened with either incident? Just a minute, ‘Aaa, in first; the guy must have flirted with the girl.’ Nope, the boy was innocent, the girl was innocent as well. but what happened next disturbed me, the boy got beaten very brutally by some men, the same men who were gazing that girl just before some time.

Let’s go to 2nd one. Here all I heard that she was alleging him to ask her something unethical (I can’t describe what was that but not just me but the 5-6 people around us too went in a shock to hear her. It was really embarrassing.) after that he kept denying all allegation and declared her a mentally disturb woman. Fortunately, there was a huge watch man who handled the situation very well. Unfortunately, the tea seller went smiling from there. She was again all alone there, this time her eyes were filled with tears. It was 11 PM by then, now we all were supposed to board , it was last bus to our destination.

read my blog about reservation come on appa..!!! (in Marathi)

That two incident had some common characters. The alone and unsecured SHE. The overconfident HE. And the mute society.  

before moving further lets have a glimpse on some statistic about crime regarding of molestation and rape..

  1. in India 92 woman raped on a every day.
  2. among them 98% are committed by the person known to the victim.
  3. though only 5.8% are reported to police.
  4. and surprising fact is, despite having such a mess, we are characterized as one of the nation which has lowest per capita rape.
  5. but this fact is going to be history as India achieving some shocking number of crimes day by day. we have one of fastest growing crime rate.

source: Wikipedia   https://en.m.wikipidia.org/wiki/Rapes_in_india.

it was just two incident. if we observe the society and surrounding you will also come across with many incidents. from bus to train, from school to office, from road to last store of sky-scrapper, women are objecting as a thing. is this the same nation where we worship cows but dishonor woman?  is this the same nation where we promise our sister to protect but forget that every alone girl also can be a sister of someone? Analysed above incidents and data? Let’s move to second blog with some questions, was that her fault? was that his fault? Was that our (society’s) fault? 

(to be continued, from prajapti’s arrest to digvijay sing’s sexist comment on his co-worker. Into the Karnataka assembly, from koprdie’s brutally rape to why the 4 million youth of pune stepped out of the home to give her justice? and how we are heading towards a capital of rape.)

still then jay hind.🇮🇳


90..!! 100..! or sometime 120…!! it was his heart beats per minute when he saw her. Mouth opened, freezed tongue, Hands didn’t co-operate with him, right hand wanted to roam over hair while left got busy to adjust the shirt, eyes were scanning her with bad intention, the uncomfortable and bad he was! 
His heart said ‘she is mine’; the brain said ‘forget love, just grab her.’ But the soul said ‘hey, look at yourself, you can never win her. you bloody lusty unconfident guy.’ While that guy was busy to scan her, she smiled at someone. Her pink blush seemed like it was a reaction to a magic. That guy averted, and ya it was a magical person there. THE CARING CONFIDENT GUY WAS THERE. 

‘ohh… again. I hate you, confident guy.’ the unconfident one said. Yes, the unconfident guy just can’t win a girl with a shaky tongue, lusty eyes, bad intention and the haggard face. Girl knows who is good for her and who is bad one. 

The pretty girl, voters. The confident guy, modi. The unconfident guy, oppositions. 

Seeing modi’s massive victory, it’s now obvious that modi is that magic (like that dream person) who is wining hearts. In other side, we have opposition, they seem very unsecure. Whenever I heard some crying opposition, I picturised the sour grapes and the fox story.  

The above was a fantasy. But we can link this fantasy to the current situation of Indian politics. That unconfident one did his best to impress her. Pretended to be honest servant, a caring lover but she kicked them out. 

Now seeing current trends of results, anyone can think, what is really happen to voters? Why? How? What? And many questions. Demonetisation, intolerance, hindu-muslim love hate and many more subjects were there to defeat BJP and modi though he won!!  

Now again, what is trust? What is love?  It’s not easy to explain, I know. But have you ever been in love with someone? How does it feel? Very pleasant. No matter whether you feel angry on him/her, no matter how many times s/he has broken your heart, we get back to them, that’s the magic of love and trust. (I am not psephologist, I am a learner of a story telling about romance and humour, so managing writing about this issue by my level.) the same principle worked about modi and voters.

IMG 1:: Its how saffron is spreading over india.

The way he talks, the way he walks:

it’s a lonely factor. Modi. Voters have fallen for him. Doesn’t matter whether he is making promises happen or not, his personality making everything possible for him. He is doing that things young generation wants. He talks like a boss but doesn’t he do action as well? He does. And for us, voters, “well done seems good than well said.” 

IMG 2:: Mulaym sing yadav’s younger bahu with modi. Is she becoming bhakt too?

Conversation: A bridge to connect hearts. 

A conversation can do a magic. It can join hearts or break them. When some parties are busy to do social engineering about cast and religion, he is listening to and connecting with every population not just across india but across world by social media and his thought and solution sharing program man ki bat. 

3 guys. 1 aunt.

Certainly, 1st guy is Rahul Gandhi who is clearing road for bjp. 2nd is no other than AK and third some media persons. The way they are using their non-sense to divert voters towards them, modi is becoming more powerful and its feel he makes sense than them (sometime he doesn’t, but can you imagine raga is ruling india? no so you don’t have any option, vote for modi )  

IMG 3:: How you should not give a look to someone you like most? 👆👆 

That aunt was nothing but a media, who has damn crush on modi. Morning to evening, they show us only modi. They are the one made the modi brand powerful. Indian media is not as mature compare to international media. Modi eats, they show. Modi seats, they show. Modi laughs, they laugh. Modi cries they too cry. What a love!!! 

“Technically romantic: an introvert’s thing.” (I)

‘How do you write?’

Honestly I am waiting for this question for long time and I have prepared my answer as well like “ya, I write because….., because….., means perhaps I have free time. or perhaps, i am too lazy to talk to someone. or sometime i love to be an introvert, an introvert who doesn’t have guts to express socially…!!” but fortunately no one gave me a chance to give this answer. This concept arose in my mind when I was reading one of my friend writer akhilesh maurya who has extra-ordinary skill to motivate other.

But fortunately I continuously got being asked a question,

‘Why don’t you write instead?’ when I was in last year of engineering, one of my friend unwittingly picked my diary from my desk and read my dumb stories, about me, in dumb English. He looked at me, I was busy in another work (yes, in mobile phone) in next moment I got being asked some questions, that was about a girl. Without a second thought, I got that he has read that thing I was hiding from everyone for age.

‘you sound interesting emotionally but you are stupid grammatically.’  He laughed.

This was very difficult moment for me, I wanted to kill him for two reason, he was bloody thief, second he criticize me. But I could have also hugged him, (but I didn’t, off course. NO, he had worn perfume but I think, hugging a boy is really not a good idea) he asked me another question ‘why don’t you write to her if you don’t have that guts to talk to her same? You could be a writer.’ This line gone straight to my brain and I started imagining. ‘wow’ this is going to be filmy.

The conversation went forward,

‘but I know you since 4 years, I know you talk very little. (but I do sense better). You are shy (genetic problem), technically known as introvert (though I hang out more than you extrovert, see my attendance and mark sheet) though can write about romance? he was laughing and talking. The concept of technical romance caught my mind. yes technical romance, the introvert thing, the modern  world tend to do.

talk to her via text..!!

And here on, i experienced why the world is misunderstanding the introvert.  

Will sort out in next blog.

How engineering betrayed me..!!!

​​I never had thought that I would end like this.!!

I believed on engineering with closed eyes but later it turned & betrayed me  even worst than arvind kejariwal does with delhikar or delhiwale. Oh.. i mean 

Five points which are enough to make your educational life worst than rahul Baba’s carrier. (Are you bhakt..?? One may ask.. 😕)

1: You should be in a society that keeps you inspired about engineering. ‘Go there, it has a scope, after doing engineering companies comes to you to offer jobs, My wife’s sister’s uncle’s friend’s son’s friend’s cousin has done engineering and now he is working for infolimpo pvt lmt on mars, You are good at math why you don’t take admission and so on’

(There is a scope for everything, but engineering isn’t one of then certainly)

2: You should have parents, which are enough able to bear your all expenses, father who has good bank balance, Mother who is good at gossiping with other women, sister who wants you become a motha manus  (wealthy man) and a grandpa who wants you to become engineer then he wants you see getting married and then the dialog ‘once we see our grandson/granddaughter’s face then we will die in peace.’

(Don’t listen your grandfather or mother, they may just kidding with you)

3: You should, No you must have one very bright friend who has been inspiration and idol for your parents. He takes admission to engineering and then in order to prov e yourself you have to take admission for same. He gets admission in prestigious institute and you get into sant sri mahatma engineering college (20 km away from main city.)  But  in the process of winning others Heart  you lose a battle with your own heart. 

(Don’t listen that bright friend too, he later fly in business class and you fights for chutta in PMPL)
4:: Now come to the point, Engineering isn’t just a degree in india, it’s an emotion. Our indian parents are too conscious about their wards, look, they start preparing for their wards marriage before a decade. Making him/her an engineer is first step. What we see on our head while graduation, a black square cap which is given for an honor to be a graduate. But did you think ever what our parents see on our head, a turban, the same one we wear in weddings. 

(Engineering and love marriage, Lol. Go with engineering only when you like arrange marriage)

5:: I don’t know in which nook of the hell the old man is hiding right now, but I pretty sure when I come to hell I’ll find you and again kill you. When, In 10th, we innocent future engineers got our first love and thinking about to marry that girl. Then the same old man came to our home and took our test, we passed unfortunately and he figured out that the guy would be an engineer. I understand that old man was stupid but out parents weren’t?? Or we ourselves?? 

“Modi ji  sehat ke liye hani karak hai” 😛 😯 

​Every boy wants a six packs abs. Every girl wants to get in shape and reduce the weight. But at the end only few are succeed to achieve it. The reason is clear, achieving that thing is not as simple as tops 10th in U.P and bihar. Hard work, being honest with yourself, being optimistic with result and lots of patience. First you cry at the beginning, but once you start seeing result it becomes addiction. Good things take time. See usain bolt did not start running as soon as he landed on earth from his mother’s stomach. Now I am going to relate all above things to the government’s recent bold decision of abolishing high domination notes. One may say ‘Where is logic?’ 

By the way, we indians are too shy yet 1.25 BL, we are secular democracy yet love cast basis reservation, Congress party has a mine of talent though Rahul gandhi leading them, delhiwale are said to be wise and judicious though they have CM like  AK 😛 . So don’t expect a logic from me as well, i am too a tiny part of this system. 

When modi ji announced that those notes would be no longer legal tender, social and electronic media went crazy. Everyone praised modi ji (And he deserve same) same like we got a dream to have six abs, we shivered on the thought, we got immense happiness. First week went as expected, we had to bear hardships, it was OK. But next week at gym means at Banks or ATMs we lost our patience. The hangover of ‘deshbhakti’ got down. Family and own needs come first and then nation, meanwhile the gym trainer (Modi_ji) came forward and asked us for 50 days, he said bear pain for nation, bear pain for you, i will give you health/wealth as you want. We had to node. 

But at the same time the ‘bad calories’, i mean opposition party and all corrupt people came forward and whispered in our ear. ‘Look, today that gym trainer restricted you to eat oily, tomorrow he will restrict you from eating sweets, listen me protest against him, the six pack and health are jumala because he wants eat your all sweet.’

 It’s natural that bad calories are afraid because soon they are going to throw out of our body, they are not afraid because you have to stop eating sweets, they are afraid because their existence are to be vanished. So they may say ‘MODI AAP TO SEHAT KE LIYE HANI KARAK HO.’ But listen, focus on your abs and curves.

Samjadar ko ishara kafi hai….

(People are suffering is true but we we have to lose something to get something.)

(Note: I am not a BJP supporter, but you may say a mighty Modi ji’s fan, because he is doing great, don’t you think??) 

Jay hind. 🇮🇳 

Enemies are in HOME.

​We are the people who wake up after 3rd snooze of alarm. We are the people who abuse government for every single problem of Nation. We are the people who live on beg, beg of reservation, beg of subsidy, beg of corruption. No one utter a word. Everyone think chalata hai chalane do, but everyone is not same. Some wake up. Thinking I will Change the ‘What the hell is going here’ Situation to ‘Well, everything is as fine as heaven here.

They leave this main stream of society and choose their own path to protect Nation, to push Nation beyond proud, to give a new identity to every citizen. Some become army men, some become politicians, some become police, some become scientist,some become activists. 

But here going through society they also split into two kind of ideology.

One, Who totally dedicates their lives to Nation. 

Second, Who are kind of opportunists (Who believe common citizens are idiot and we can take them for granted)

First one, awesome people,

They smile throughout their hardship. Many fail to accomplish their dreams. But don’t cry.Some succeed. They work, They protect us. From -10℃ to 50℃ they work with their passion. They were happy and satisfied to serve Nation, then suddenly enemy attacks and destroy their Nation’s happiness, hurt their proud. We ordinary citizen cries and tell them to finish enemies. Ok, they accepted challenge, at the end they have to listen and protect us. Politicians give order, Army and police men follow them, they strike back, they conquer, they celebrate, people celebrate, government celebrates. Seeing our unity enemy burn in jealousy. 

Then the second type comes, Cheapest race. 

‘How can s/he take benefits? We should take our benefits as well. Let take Nation for granted.’ They think.

And then they say, Show us proof of your honesty and bravery..!! Show me. Show me.

Some children kind of person even doesn’t afraid to use “DALAL” word. What a shame.

First kind of people get hurt, ‘We sacrificed everything, family, friends,  for you people and instead of apretiating us you ask us for proof?’ 

You  set alarm because you have that assurance , i am going to wake up next day, But you don’t care that for your some hours of sleep we may loose our life at border.

You don’t care, What you care is how can I be popular by playing dirty politics. 

Politics in your vain. Shame, one 60+ years old man work 18 hours for Nation. And you so called youth icons, slam, appose, abuse him for no reason.

its not all your fault, you are just representative of society. Society let speak you against their own Nation. Wonder is people listen them and dont even utter a single word.

We Army is unfortunate that we have seized in your so called democracy, lift it for a month and give us all charge, Nation’s swear you will be shot at gun point by us. Not you, the every person who doubt us, from Sallu to pappu. Otherwise you Sallu, pappu kind of people is nothing but a garbage for Nation. The garbage which can only give an awful smell and vomite a disgusts.

Our neighborhood, pakistan, is far smaller and weakest Nation to compare of us. But we don’t stopp them  (They don’t face us, but when they do they loose, don’t forget 65,71 and 99 war)

We can but your dirty politics doesn’t let us do so.
You know what? We just don’t want to go on border now. We don’t afraid to fight, but Who knows taking benefits of war you will sell this Nation and our beloved citizens.

You can…!!! 

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Jay hind. 🇮🇳