So Alive!!

When I was 22-Year-Old, I went to a person to take a suggestion about my career. I asked him ‘I want to be a writer and earn money by writing.’ He laughed at me and said, ‘Kid, you are just 22-Year-old. Have a realistic dream. You have got an engineering degree, do a day job.’ Thank god, I didn’t listen to him. I was thinking 22-Year-Old was too late, he was thinking 22-year-old was too early.
People think you must do everything in a particular age. They have fixed pattern in their mind.



22 – Get a degree, 24 – Do MBA and start earning, 28 – Get married, 29 – Have a kid, 32 – Have a second kid, 34 – WTF now!!
I have a friend Siddarth Nitin Gujrathi Sheth who has broken the barrier and started investing at the age of 20-Year-Old. I know one person Akhilesh Maurya who has started his dream venture and helped a lot of people at the age of just 22. There is a hope. There are heroes.
Now I am 24-Year-Old, and whenever I tell my ideas to people, they again laughed at me,
‘Entrepreneur and billionaire at the age of 30!! Impossible!!’
Their answers are like – ‘You are 24-Year-Old, go to night parties, drink alcohol, have a girlfriend, have a sex. The loyal relationship doesn’t exist and don’t hope for the one. Don’t think too hard, don’t dream too big, you will be disappointed!! Life is too short and blah blah blah!!’
Yes, Life is too short so invest it living your dream, loving people you care and making society more beautiful. You just have to listen to your mind, most of the people are clueless about their own life, don’t take suggestions from them.
But I gotta say something to those people who discourage young dreamers by saying ‘You can’t!!’
“… Fuck Off!!! We did. We are doing. We will.”

2 thoughts on “So Alive!!

  1. I always inspire by your writing. It is not too much high facinated but it somehow always relate to normal people like me and that is what it make your writing ours. Thanks for giving words to our feelings.


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