“Technically romantic: an introvert’s thing.” (I)

‘How do you write?’

Honestly I am waiting for this question for long time and I have prepared my answer as well like “ya, I write because….., because….., means perhaps I have free time. or perhaps, i am too lazy to talk to someone. or sometime i love to be an introvert, an introvert who doesn’t have guts to express socially…!!” but fortunately no one gave me a chance to give this answer. This concept arose in my mind when I was reading one of my friend writer akhilesh maurya who has extra-ordinary skill to motivate other.

But fortunately I continuously got being asked a question,

‘Why don’t you write instead?’ when I was in last year of engineering, one of my friend unwittingly picked my diary from my desk and read my dumb stories, about me, in dumb English. He looked at me, I was busy in another work (yes, in mobile phone) in next moment I got being asked some questions, that was about a girl. Without a second thought, I got that he has read that thing I was hiding from everyone for age.

‘you sound interesting emotionally but you are stupid grammatically.’  He laughed.

This was very difficult moment for me, I wanted to kill him for two reason, he was bloody thief, second he criticize me. But I could have also hugged him, (but I didn’t, off course. NO, he had worn perfume but I think, hugging a boy is really not a good idea) he asked me another question ‘why don’t you write to her if you don’t have that guts to talk to her same? You could be a writer.’ This line gone straight to my brain and I started imagining. ‘wow’ this is going to be filmy.

The conversation went forward,

‘but I know you since 4 years, I know you talk very little. (but I do sense better). You are shy (genetic problem), technically known as introvert (though I hang out more than you extrovert, see my attendance and mark sheet) though can write about romance? he was laughing and talking. The concept of technical romance caught my mind. yes technical romance, the introvert thing, the modern  world tend to do.

talk to her via text..!!

And here on, i experienced why the world is misunderstanding the introvert.  

Will sort out in next blog.


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