How engineering betrayed me..!!!

​​I never had thought that I would end like this.!!

I believed on engineering with closed eyes but later it turned & betrayed me  even worst than arvind kejariwal does with delhikar or delhiwale. Oh.. i mean

Five points which are enough to make your educational life worst than rahul Baba’s carrier. (Are you bhakt..?? One may ask.. 😕)

1: You should be in a society that keeps you inspired about engineering. ‘Go there, it has a scope, after doing engineering companies comes to you to offer jobs, My wife’s sister’s uncle’s friend’s son’s friend’s cousin has done engineering and now he is working for infolimpo pvt lmt on mars, You are good at math why you don’t take admission and so on’

(There is a scope for everything, but engineering isn’t one of then certainly)

2: You should have parents, which are enough able to bear your all expenses, father who has good bank balance, Mother who is good at gossiping with other women, sister who wants you become a motha manus  (wealthy man) and a grandpa who wants you to become engineer then he wants you see getting married and then the dialog ‘once we see our grandson/granddaughter’s face then we will die in peace.’

(Don’t listen your grandfather or mother, they may just kidding with you)

3: You should, No you must have one very bright friend who has been inspiration and idol for your parents. He takes admission to engineering and then in order to prov e yourself you have to take admission for same. He gets admission in prestigious institute and you get into sant sri mahatma engineering college (20 km away from main city.)  But  in the process of winning others Heart  you lose a battle with your own heart.

(Don’t listen that bright friend too, he later fly in business class and you fights for chutta in PMPL)
4:: Now come to the point, Engineering isn’t just a degree in india, it’s an emotion. Our indian parents are too conscious about their wards, look, they start preparing for their wards marriage before a decade. Making him/her an engineer is first step. What we see on our head while graduation, a black square cap which is given for an honor to be a graduate. But did you think ever what our parents see on our head, a turban, the same one we wear in weddings.

(Engineering and love marriage, Lol. Go with engineering only when you like arrange marriage)

5:: I don’t know in which nook of the hell the old man is hiding right now, but I pretty sure when I come to hell I’ll find you and again kill you. When, In 10th, we innocent future engineers got our first love and thinking about to marry that girl. Then the same old man came to our home and took our test, we passed unfortunately and he figured out that the guy would be an engineer. I understand that old man was stupid but out parents weren’t?? Or we ourselves??


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