“Modi ji  sehat ke liye hani karak hai” 😛 😯 

​Every boy wants a six packs abs. Every girl wants to get in shape and reduce the weight. But at the end only few are succeed to achieve it. The reason is clear, achieving that thing is not as simple as tops 10th in U.P and bihar. Hard work, being honest with yourself, being optimistic with result and lots of patience. First you cry at the beginning, but once you start seeing result it becomes addiction. Good things take time. See usain bolt did not start running as soon as he landed on earth from his mother’s stomach. Now I am going to relate all above things to the government’s recent bold decision of abolishing high domination notes. One may say ‘Where is logic?’

By the way, we indians are too shy yet 1.25 BL, we are secular democracy yet love cast basis reservation, Congress party has a mine of talent though Rahul gandhi leading them, delhiwale are said to be wise and judicious though they have CM like  AK 😛 . So don’t expect a logic from me as well, i am too a tiny part of this system.

When modi ji announced that those notes would be no longer legal tender, social and electronic media went crazy. Everyone praised modi ji (And he deserve same) same like we got a dream to have six abs, we shivered on the thought, we got immense happiness. First week went as expected, we had to bear hardships, it was OK. But next week at gym means at Banks or ATMs we lost our patience. The hangover of ‘deshbhakti’ got down. Family and own needs come first and then nation, meanwhile the gym trainer (Modi_ji) came forward and asked us for 50 days, he said bear pain for nation, bear pain for you, i will give you health/wealth as you want. We had to node.

But at the same time the ‘bad calories’, i mean opposition party and all corrupt people came forward and whispered in our ear. ‘Look, today that gym trainer restricted you to eat oily, tomorrow he will restrict you from eating sweets, listen me protest against him, the six pack and health are jumala because he wants eat your all sweet.’

It’s natural that bad calories are afraid because soon they are going to throw out of our body, they are not afraid because you have to stop eating sweets, they are afraid because their existence are to be vanished. So they may say ‘MODI AAP TO SEHAT KE LIYE HANI KARAK HO.’ But listen, focus on your abs and curves.

Samjadar ko ishara kafi hai….

(People are suffering is true but we we have to lose something to get something.)

(Note: I am not a BJP supporter, but you may say a mighty Modi ji’s fan, because he is doing great, don’t you think??) 

Jay hind. 🇮🇳


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