Enemies are in HOME.

​We are the people who wake up after 3rd snooze of alarm. We are the people who abuse government for every single problem of Nation. We are the people who live on beg, beg of reservation, beg of subsidy, beg of corruption. No one utter a word. Everyone think chalata hai chalane do, but everyone is not same. Some wake up. Thinking I will Change the ‘What the hell is going here’ Situation to ‘Well, everything is as fine as heaven here.

They leave this main stream of society and choose their own path to protect Nation, to push Nation beyond proud, to give a new identity to every citizen. Some become army men, some become politicians, some become police, some become scientist,some become activists.

But here going through society they also split into two kind of ideology.

One, Who totally dedicates their lives to Nation.

Second, Who are kind of opportunists (Who believe common citizens are idiot and we can take them for granted)

First one, awesome people,

They smile throughout their hardship. Many fail to accomplish their dreams. But don’t cry.Some succeed. They work, They protect us. From -10℃ to 50℃ they work with their passion. They were happy and satisfied to serve Nation, then suddenly enemy attacks and destroy their Nation’s happiness, hurt their proud. We ordinary citizen cries and tell them to finish enemies. Ok, they accepted challenge, at the end they have to listen and protect us. Politicians give order, Army and police men follow them, they strike back, they conquer, they celebrate, people celebrate, government celebrates. Seeing our unity enemy burn in jealousy.

Then the second type comes, Cheapest race. 

‘How can s/he take benefits? We should take our benefits as well. Let take Nation for granted.’ They think.

And then they say, Show us proof of your honesty and bravery..!! Show me. Show me.

Some children kind of person even doesn’t afraid to use “DALAL” word. What a shame.

First kind of people get hurt, ‘We sacrificed everything, family, friends,  for you people and instead of apretiating us you ask us for proof?’ 

You  set alarm because you have that assurance , i am going to wake up next day, But you don’t care that for your some hours of sleep we may loose our life at border.

You don’t care, What you care is how can I be popular by playing dirty politics.

Politics in your vain. Shame, one 60+ years old man work 18 hours for Nation. And you so called youth icons, slam, appose, abuse him for no reason.

its not all your fault, you are just representative of society. Society let speak you against their own Nation. Wonder is people listen them and dont even utter a single word.

We Army is unfortunate that we have seized in your so called democracy, lift it for a month and give us all charge, Nation’s swear you will be shot at gun point by us. Not you, the every person who doubt us, from Sallu to pappu. Otherwise you Sallu, pappu kind of people is nothing but a garbage for Nation. The garbage which can only give an awful smell and vomite a disgusts.

Our neighborhood, pakistan, is far smaller and weakest Nation to compare of us. But we don’t stopp them  (They don’t face us, but when they do they loose, don’t forget 65,71 and 99 war)

We can but your dirty politics doesn’t let us do so.
You know what? We just don’t want to go on border now. We don’t afraid to fight, but Who knows taking benefits of war you will sell this Nation and our beloved citizens.

You can…!!! 

What do you think?? Comment below, Share this article.

Jay hind. 🇮🇳


2 thoughts on “Enemies are in HOME.

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  1. I appreciate the way you put the very sensitive thing in a commendable way. Yes there are some demagaogue people existing in our Nation. The day when politicians start working together in harmony with opposition parties instead of criticizing, the Nation would be developed.


    1. But in india it seems impossible. People are need to be aware about such kind of politicians. Voters are king in democracy, ruler’s are nothing but a servants. If we choose them wisely, we will never come across with a day when someone doubt on Nation and their army.


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