i had a college life..

College life is awesome, no one denies it.

College means lectures. Lectures mean that khadus teacher. Teacher means dukhi atma, who wants to face that dukhi atma so bunk the lecture. Bunking lecture means college katta and canteen, katta means gossips. Gossips about s3x, politics, cricket and girls, girls mean awesome and awesome means college.

But after a bright day there always a dark night, the more you enjoy the more you have to suffer because karma always watch you.

Here are some things you are going to miss after college…

  1. The next semester;

Exams are temporary, next sem se phaduga is permanent. Every time when timetable displays, we mess our notebook’s second last page by some dates, plan A to Z and mighty timetable. We all go through 5 days per unit to a half day per unit and then after a night of exam we suddenly remember we haven’t studied all, then a full night ratta and if ratta doesn’t work then there is a rescuer, the god and then “agle sem se pakka but is bar pass kar dena, please.”

  1. Pyar vyar;

Everyone has a crush once in our college life; if you are engineer then you can only have a crush, you don’t actually you can’t have a gilfriend. And if you are mechanical engineer then you even can’t spell gialfriend correct, leave the all other stuff alone (yes I am one of those.) falling in love and then living an imaginary life is a best part of college life, after college it’s very hard to find your love. Its happens only in college. Remember all breakups and that devdas of our college.


  1. Birthday bash;

Birthday,The only day which makes you think, god why I born. Squats, crunches and lungs can’t give your lower body a perfect shape but one birthday can. After bearing thousand kicks on as#, it will be come in shape, I mean the swollen. You know what I mean, how to spot a birthday boy, ‘abe wo eise ku chal raha hai, must beaten in last night. After college no one is going to put their interest on your lower body you will definitely going to miss it.

  1. Breakfast & bath;

Only college going being can have a breakfast at noon, in order to attend a first lecture we had to sacrifice our food as well bath. (But we never confess that we haven’t had a bath in morning, shyam ko nahluga, who is going to hug me.)

5.First day first show;

We don’t watch first day first show because we are fan of any khan or kapoor, just because it is affordable. 120 Rs and wo bhi PVR, so we are not gonna miss this opportunity. After college neither you will have a time nor friends to do bang bang in theater.

  1. Traffic police formally known as mama in pune;

We maharashtrian are very fond of searching relationship and connection with stranger, so we believe every traffic police is our uncle. All college groups have a couple of bikes and dozens of member so we have to ride tripsi sometime we carry four bodies on a 100 cc bike, many times got caught by mama but here we have a bapu, bapu saves us everytime, give 100rs and then escape biding adieu to mama. After college you might have license, car but not that idiot backseater who were always ready to give 50 rs (wo bhi contry karake), other 50rs was gone from our own wallet, sad.


  1. kfc, Chicken tikka to vadapav;

Every first week of month our phone lights with a message that your account has been credited with some thousand bucks. Then the fun is began, ‘chicken tikka har roj until your wallet doesn’t say bus kar bhai ab rulayega kya and then after a fortnight ‘one vadapav with cutting, lunch over.’ Nevertheless that days were awesome, today neither you can thug your parent on the name of college fees nor you can have tikka har roj.



  1. Friends;

Last but not least, friends. You may have got many friends while college life, remember that days. I can’t write about it. Just imagine what if you didn’t have friends in your college days…

Keep imagining…


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