A-shobha-niy- DE 

Once upon a time an idiot was tweeting shits  when her room A.C. was set on around 24℃ , steams were hovering over hot coffeee which was kept on table, and she thought sipping coffee and resting her back on chear, after that fresh shit tweet on a hardworking athletes,

‘i will be in news for another stupid  reason. Ya, my life goal has complicated. i am born to vomite shits, disgusts and being abused on social media. Utho, online aao, scraps likho , phir logoki galiya khao , aur phir bhi i won’t mind because sharam to kabaki bech di mene olx pe. guess who am i?? 

Can’t you??

let me show you her recent tweet about indian Olympic team,


“Goal of Team India at the Olympics: Rio jao. Selfies lo. Khaali haat wapas aao. What a waste of money and opportunity.” 

“I am an idiot….” Cheers…

Actually sorry to say but DE , the day you were born was a waste day. We youngsters are not enough intelligent (?? Not found in your brain) and literate like you to judge you but can be matured to express ourselves when it comes on Nation and someone else pride.

Have you heard about some name like, 

pt usha and rathod. Ok, let them alone but have you watched movies ‘BHAG MILKHA BHAG and MERRY COM.’ . If you had seen it then how was their struggle?? when you were crushing a popcorn between your molar teeth, they were crying (not your popcorn) and fighting over opposition and obstacles. Not just on on-screen but also in real life.

When you had tweeted that shit, at various part of india,

Someone was dreaming about to hold india’s flag in Olympic.

Some beautiful girls were being hurt right on face by an opponent boxer. Because for them their Nation was important not their face, they spend hours to make their Nation beautiful, they work for earn a jewelry, a medal.

Someone was lifting weights and their families needs simultaneously, in one hope, i will get a chance to represent my Nation and to to be proud of my family.

First running behind food then running behind good education and then running behind destiny, luck some were became a runner.

One was imagining your face and shooting shots furiously perfectly on your nose tip, well they were shooter and Archer.

You spend your life in AC room, type and post anything without thinking how they will feel, won’t they get hurt.?

But we assure you , they will not because they don’t have a time to listen and mind your shits.

Making a money, pouting mouth and taking selfie, roaming with stars and licking shoes for publicity is not their business.

Making india proud, bearing all pain to hold a tricolor on foreign  soil and let citizen proud and cheer for their Nation, this is their business.

Now we all know into what conditions and worst situation our athletes have been through, nevertheless they have been giving their best and earning medals, we don’t say you support them but if you can’t support and appreciate them then also don’t insult them.

Otherwise one and quarter billion indians are ready to show their middle finger to you and your shits . Be careful.

Jay hind.




  1. Well said, Akshay. My blood boils when I see such demotivating and unpatriotic comments by these ungrateful mean minded people. If we read the background and the circumstances under which most of the athletes have practiced, we would be proud that they have reached Rio. Does not matter who wins, after all it is sports, winning and losing to hota hi rehata hai. Negatively commenting scums did have enough generosity to say something good and encouraging. At least they could have kept their mouths shut if they had nothing nice to say.
    Let us pray that our these athletes remain motivated through out.
    Jai hind.

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