I am an Engineer

When i was child , i had a fear of some people and thing’s .whenever i would have to face them my blood pressure and heartbeats were increased.

NO NO …!!!! you were wrong  (means some people might think ” was the person your CRUSH ..?? ” sorry ,you were wrong Romeos..!!! ) it might be funny but they were nothing but a Barber , a Doctor and some my own people .

why barber ..?? The reason was “whenever my father brought me to barber for making hair my face was almost red and eyes were wet. Yes i used to cry at that moment. You should have seen my face then. 

Second was doctor, i used to hate them bcz first they hypnotized in their sweet words, second they had an injection.(we all are known with it , it was scary ) and third his writing. Means how could such educated fellow write like this. it was worst handwriting ever i seen and last “have you ever wondered who was the greatest villain in our lives..??” RELATIVE’S, typical Indian relatives.

Like bad Taliban and good Taliban ( i dnt think they are good but Pakistani does ) we have also bad relatives and good relatives . Good is one who have been brought sweets for us and bad is one who have been brought lots of question for us. the most famous and often asked question was …. WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO BECOME.??? and often they have gave an option for us, like DOCTOR(“oh no,dnt think abt that” my reaction) , TEACHER (“they used to beat me, sometime i also hate them”) OK so an engineer  (“???”) oh oh .. what was the last one??? can you repeat this , uncle..?? “ENGINEER” means sound good and interesting. light had bulb in my brain and heart seemed happy never like before. I had got my dream, I would be an engineer bt I had an question “what is the procedure of being an engineer …???”


It was my childhood when i came to know the word engineer. It was my first step to being an engineer. I had been grown up with the dream i would be an engineer . My little eyes had a dream . It was beginning of 21st century. Something was went to wrong with my nation. riots, religion violence and dirty politics . It were happened in my nation. And we also had been grown up with it. But also there were few things that used to entertain India and keep happy. BOLLYWOOD,DD NAT and CRICKET.From some bollywood movies i came to know u will have a car, a banglow and a wife (beautiful wife) if u become an engineer. That time i was not mature enough to think about girl and i was so shy guy so i didn’t think there were any chances to date a girl because my shy nature didn’t allow me to do this. So i thought it would easy to be an engineer rather than date a girl and then marry with her. If i become engineer then my good relatives will bring a beautiful wife for me. It was ridiculous bt that was an another reason why i had kept a dream of being an engineer. that were very ridiculous reasons .


“Today im studding in last year of engineering . yes my dream of being an engineer is about to accomplish but ….my heart asked me an question,  was the dream yours ..??? 




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